TunDesign4 is the total solution for tunnel blasting pattern design.

TunDesign4 has been developed based on the in-depth studies and extensive experiences through the field applications. You can maximize the efficiency of blasting pattern design by the user-friendly interface by using the know-how which is acquired through developing the TunDesign series from version 1.0 to version 3.0 and by reflecting user feedback faithfully.

As TunDesign4 is the first solution for tunnel blasting using IREDES standard which is predicted that it would be the standard cummunication skill between drillrigs in future, We think that it is the best system in technology and field application which is certificated by SANDVIK Mining and Construction Corporation. TunDesign4 will provide you with various design tools you have never seen and will be your partner by user-friendly interfaces.

  Explosives Database File is updataed. 2008-02-25      
Patch(V4.0.2.0750) is updated. 2006-09-13    
Patch(V4.0.2.0735) is updated. 2006-08-16    
Patch(V4.0.2.0537) is updated. 2006-07-04